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LittlePro Infant Bee Suit

Our quality sting-resistant LittlePro bee suits suit are made from heavy duty 65% Cotton 35% polyester. This suit has been designed to give the aspiring beekeeper full confidence and full protection.

Great for grade-school kids or your grandkids. 

The suit can be machine washed. Veils can be unzipped and thrown back and also completely removed. Thumb loop at the cuff keeps your sleeves in place. Ankle zippers on the suit makes it easier to put on and pull off. The Veil is Hand Washed. 

General Features:

  1. 4 Pockets (1 for the hive tool)
  2. Elasticized Cuffs, Ankle and Waist.
  3. Thumb Loops.
  4. Ankle Zips.
  5. Velcro Flap on the chest where the zippers come together.