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Hiveworld Premium Smoker

A rugged, high quality smoker that does it all! All stainless steel construction, an insulated heat shield, and high quality leather bellows make this our new favorite smoker. The bellows have an intake valve for quick refill time. The fully insulated heat shield keeps the sides from burning your knees, and even allows the smoker to be set on a polystyrene cover without melting it. The smoker’s nozzle is smaller than most smokers at about 5/8” which creates a far-reaching plume of smoke. The bottom of the combustion chamber has a perforated aeration grate to distribute air evenly to the fuel.

Combustion chamber dimensions: 8” tall by 3-3/4” diameter
Overall dimensions: 12” tall by 5” wide by 11” deep (with bellows expanded)
Weight (empty): 2 lb 8 oz