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HiveWorld Assembled Fir Hive Frames with Deep-Cell® Foundation (Langstroth Hive)

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Fir hive frames. 

By both gluing and stapling our frames, we have a top-quality product that can't be beaten! And when you leave the assembling to us, any blowouts end up in our refuse pile, not yours!

Assembled frames are shipped to you with waxed Deep-Cell® foundation already inserted so all that's left for you to do is install them in your boxes.

  • High precision cuts
  • Unparalleled fit and finish
  • Standard outside dimensions work with any uncapper
  • Full ½" (1.27 cm) thick bottom bar
  • Standard width foundation sizes
  • Fits all standard equipment
  • Joints are glued and stapled 1½" (3.81 cm) with resin-coated staples
  • Last longer then soft pine frame